a place of learning, learning is not just about acquisition and retrieval of information. Children construct knowledge actively, incorporating new ideas and concepts into their existing understandings.


VISION: To pursue higher standards in children's growth and education with an emphasis on interdependence, creativity, and moral values.

MISSION: Nurturing the greatness within, one child at a time.


  • Children come first
  • Interdependence, Creativity and Morality are our core values
  • Learning, Leading and Growing are keys to our success
  • Student families are valuable partners
  • Learn Today, Lead Today

CODE OF CONDUCT:  Blossom Vitamin C is a guideline for Blossomers to learn socially acceptable conduct for all of us  to gradually adopt good behavioral skills that we could bring with us for the rest of our lives. Many of the conduct is a social and moral behaviour instead of just classroom behaviour.