a place of learning, learning is not just about acquisition and retrieval of information. Children construct knowledge actively, incorporating new ideas and concepts into their existing understandings.


At Blossom School, every effort is made to provide children with a rich, stimulating and fun curriculum that helps them to use their amazing brains and celebrate their childhood.

International perspectives and Unique Curriculum:

  • Good Discipline of Language and Behavioural Skills
  • Independent Learning
  • Refinement of Senses
  • Gross Motor Development
  • Social Development
  • Creative Development
  • Psychological/Personality Development
  • Practical Life/Care for Self & Environment
  • Fully International Experience (e.g. English only policy within school ground)
  • Mandatory Language Classes: Bahasa Indonesia & Mandarin
  • Reinforced Religious Values: Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu